About a.sasha

Love. Imagination. Inspiration.


In 2011, a.sasha was launched by Joseph R. S. Ng, a jewellery designer and the
founder of JKASIA Accessories Company. His love and fascination for silver
jewellery led to the creation of a versatile and stylish line that adds a fun
and tasteful twist to modern women's everyday style. 


At a.sasha, we design and create silver jewellery that empowers modern women. We
aim to help them shine unapologetically and be the best version of themselves.
Our pieces are not just for accessorizing, but also a form of empowerment.


We take pride in our BSCI certification and our partnerships with brands and
designers from all around the world, such as Amor, Prinzessin Lillifee,
s.Oliver, The Smurfs (Peyo), APART, Hudson's Bay, HSN, and ShopChannel.


One world. One love. One society.

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